Welcome to TRANSLATE, the official blog of the Hussman Institute for Autism. The name TRANSLATE has a dual meaning: First, the stories posted here will translate research findings in the fields of neuroscience and supports, from the Institute and other reputable sources, into lay language for family members, educators, and other community members. These short pieces will also provide succinct summaries for support professionals and researchers short on time.

Second, the focus of this blog will be on translational research: work that can directly improve understanding and interactions between neurotypicals and individuals on the autism spectrum, whether by providing a new intervention technique for young children, revealing information about autistic brain structure, or anything in between. Stories may also cover Institute programs and events. The Institute’s science writer authors the articles in close collaboration with researchers to ensure accuracy and clarity.

We hope you find this blog useful and return often. We welcome you to join the Institute on its journey to improve the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum!